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Vancouver Patrolling Security Ltd. provides security services throughout the lower mainland.

We at Vancouver Patrolling Security Ltd. will give you a full site check to point out possible security threats on your site and will help strengthen those areas of weakness to prevent a security risk saving you and your organization time and money.

We understand that you have varying needs as a client and want to make sure that in every situation we provide customer focused service. Our services range to suit each individual requirement of each of our clients so we can provide the best service possible.

The following are service currently available but are not limited to being offered:

Uniformed Static Guard/Loss Prevention Officers

Vancouver Patrolling Security Ltd. employees are a highly qualified group of individuals who strive for the protection of your assets. All guards of Vancouver Patrolling Security Ltd. are licensed by the Attorney General of British Colombia and are fully fitted with a uniform bearing the Vancouver Patrolling Security Ltd. logo. Guards can also be undercover for loss prevention work if requested by the client. All guards provided are able to provide theft prevention, visual deterrent to crime, access control for special events, site patrols, and lock ups and unlocks specified to each site.

Mobile Patrols

All vehicles are marked bearing the Vancouver Patrolling Security name and logo. Each driver will be equipped with the communication tools and all keys and information for each site in their area. Our mobile team is designed to make periodic visits to each site making a complete on site inspection making sure your organization is secure and safe from threats. During each trip all doors and windows will be checked while doing a perimeter check. If a patrol inside the building is required each area will be examined for unwanted threats.

Alarm Response

Our rapid response unit can be on site to check for unwanted threats at the time of an alarm to make sure your site is safe and secure. If upon arrival on site a break-in is discovered but no visible threat is detected the police will be notified and the client informed of the situation and further arrangements will be made to ensure the property is completely secure before the responder is cleared from the property.

Vancouver Patrolling Security Ltd. realizes each client will have their unique requirements. We adjust our services to tend to your needs and requirements to meet your wishes. Feel free to inform us of any changes to your site or any changes you will possibly need to the services provided. Each guard is  required to do site reports and check-ins at head office on the check in line, if he or she fails to do so, they are checked on immediately by the office and the mobile supervisor is sent to check the site to ensure all is ok on the site.

Special Events

Our special event team is a group of individuals who attend high priority functions and provide security service for your function, from escorting trouble makers to aiding to injured guests. we can also manage guest invitation only allowing those who are invited to the event, keeping those unwanted individuals out. You can be assured your function will go without any issues. Our special event guards are equipped with metal detector wands, in-ear 2 way radio so all broadcasts are kept private. Our guards are able to assist in directing traffic as well as escorting guests to their vehicles after a night of partying.

Bike Patrols

Each site is different and requires a different approach to patrolling it and some are not accessible by a vehicle. Bike Patrols are a fast and efficient way to patrol areas where vehicles are unable to access, each guard just as the uniformed static guard, the bike patrol guard will be equipped with a fully visible uniform, site keys, report/log sheets, and communication tools.

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