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Vancouver Patrolling Security LTD. is committed to delivering the highest quality in customer service for its clients. Our keen and courteous guards ensure your property is safe and secure from the threat of all unwanted individuals.

With combined experience of over 15 years, Vancouver Patrolling Security was opened in 2007 to provide the community with immaculate security services. At VPS we understand that choosing a company to best serve your needs can be a difficult decision. Our goal is to remove these headaches by providing a variety of services at a cost effective rate.


Vancouver Patrolling Security Limited can empower your organization with our unique services and the wide diversity within our company. We are rapidly growing to provide the best and highest quality of security services for you and your organization. We are a group of individuals who strive to deliver the best and excel in all our service areas. Our detailed policy and procedures are firmly enforced with our guards to ensure that the highest quality of service is given at all times. 

Our Goal

Our goal as a whole is to provide our clients with the best services by staying competitive with market trends and the varying needs of each client. Vancouver Patrolling Security Limited is dedicated to providing safety and security for your organization with well trained and professional guards. With professionalism, courtesy, and hard work being the building foundations of Vancouver Patrolling Security, we offer reliable security so you can rest easy.

Our Guarantee

  • We will provide excellent service and security presence at all times and to operate our business in a professional and courteous manner.

  • We will exercise truth and honesty in all services and to advise client of any services we are unable to provide.

  • All guards sent to the site from our company will be from Vancouver Patrolling Security Ltd, and not those from a 3rd party company.

  • Any guard found irresponsible at a site will be removed immediately.

  • We will charge reasonable and appropriate rates at all times.

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